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"Mountains Imprinted in Glass" - Henryk Trebunia - Tutka in Gallery Lipowa 3


Henryk Trebunia-Tutka (born 1932) – folk artist, musician, craftsman, the only artist in the Podhale region who carves in glass. In 2002, he was awarded the Medal of “Merit for the Culture of Podhale”. The winner of the “Tatra Brand” (Marka Tatrzańska) award in the category of handicraft products (2011), and of the occasional award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the artistry and craftsmanship of sculptures in glass and long experience in handicraft work (2014). A member of many years’ standing of the Polish Highlanders Association in Poronin.

He comes from the old Trebunie family of Zakopane. His grandfather from his mother’s side was a famous piper, the highland culture icon, Stanisław Budza-Lepsiok called Mróz (Frost), whose music was admired for example by Jan Kasprowicz and Karol Szymanowski. Henryk’s father, Jan, was also a musician, as well as his brothers – Stanisław, Andrzej, and Władysław, the most famous of them all, who was a multi-instrumentalist and painter. Henryk’s children and grandchildren also make music. Apart from music, his other passion is carving in glass. For the first time his works were exhibited in 1983 in the Sculpture Gallery in Warsaw. In his art he uses the motifs of the Podhale region, presenting the plants, landscapes, and animals of the Tatra Mountains. Genre scenes of the daily life of highlanders are also typical for his work.


Henryk Trebunia - Tutka