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"Perfections in Imperfections" - Janina Myronova in Lipowa3 Gallery


Janina Myronova belongs to the young generation of artists who know well what they want. She has developed her own, original, well-recognizable style. She easily uses various techniques, combining, often in a humorous and surprising way, ceramics with graphics. Janina Myronova is not afraid of challenges and experiments. For her, it is equally easy to create both fireclay sculptures and porcelain plates, cups, or containers.

The main area of Janina Myronova’s interest is man. Imperfect, disproportionately built, grotesquely disfigured. Through these ‘imperfections’, the Artist reflects on the issue of acceptance of one’s body.

‘Perfections In Imperfections’ is the first solo exhibition of works by Janina Myronova in Krakow, and a unique opportunity to see both older and recent works of the Artist. You are all invited to Lipowa 3 Gallery!

Aleksandra Skorek, kurator wystawy


09.06 - 06.08. 2016

mon-fri: 10-18
sat: 10-14

Free entrance


Janina Myronova

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine (1987). Graduate of the Donetsk Art School and the Lviv National Academy of Arts. In 2014-2015 she conducted Ceramics Studio in Institute of Design Kielce. Since 2015 she is a student of PhD studies at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Participant of numerous exhibitions, symposiums and plein-air workshops.