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Two Elements - Małgorzata Swolkień in Lipowa 3 Gallery


Ceramics and glass have a lot in common. They are created in a similar way, from natural materials – clay and sand, and high temperature is necessary to retain their shape and form them. They have accompanied man for centuries as utility objects and works of art. “The children of fire” – so different, and yet so similar.

Exactly four years ago the first exhibition by Małgorzata Swolkień was opened in Lipowa 3 Gallery. Now the Artist returns with completely new works, in which heavy ceramic material, so typical for her art, is combined with the delicate texture of stained glass. Glass gives ceramics lightness and luminosity, while ceramics emphasizes the depth of the glass colour. Both materials work perfectly together.

Mixing glass and ceramics is a new creative adventure of Małgorzata Swolkień. The Artist herself has not changed at all. She is still full of passion, enthusiasm and energy. You are cordially invited to visit this unique exhibition to Lipowa 3 Gallery.

Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition



Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (graduation work at the Faculty of Sculpture in the studio of Professor Marian Konieczny, 1975). She is mainly involved in ceramic sculpture. She also deals with painting. In Lipowa 3 Gallery, she presented her works in 2013 at the Whispers exhibition.