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"Compilations" - Witold Śliwiński in Lipowa 3 Gallery


There is one word that immediately comes to one’s mind when looking at the sculptures by Witold Śliwiński: elegance. Those small glass forms are extremely sophisticated in their geometrical simplicity. Perfectly prepared, polished, composed with finesse. They are the proof of the Artist’s mastery of the technique.

Witold Śliwiński often combines glass with other materials, primarily metal and stone. He is experimenting continuously, setting the new, seemingly impassable limits. Glass, sometimes expressively bent, seems to lose its natural qualities: brittleness and fragility. It becomes a completely new medium.

Compilations is the first such large exhibition of the Artist’s works in Krakow. I invite everyone interested to see the results of the artistic experiments by Witold Śliwiński to visit the exposition.


Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition


Witold Śliwiński 

Born in 1963 in Krosno. Graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Miejsce Piastowe in the class of applied forms. In his work, he has been dealing with graphics, drawing, designing and manufacturing leather products. Since 1996, he has been creating glass sculpture compositions. Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers“Polish Applied Arts”.

Exhibition opened: 23.05. - 04.07.2017

Mon.-Fr.: 10-18
Sat.: 10-16

Free entrance