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Marek Cecuła/Modus Design at Lipowa 3 Gallery


Design versus Tradition is a selection of porcelain collections created in the Ćmielów Design Studio in the years 2015-2017. The activity of the studio located in the very heart of the porcelain manufacture, inspires and influences the character and direction of the creative process. The resulting projects and individual collections reflect the two-way activity of the studio, creating both unique handicraft and industrial design. The exhibition is an example of integration between art, design and industry. It presents three groups of works: decorative and utility objects, tableware sets and artistic forms. Many of those works originated in a group process, and they represent the symbiosis of the common creativity of the Ćmielów Studio.

Marek Cecuła



Marek Cecuła – ceramics artist, designer, educator, winner of many prestigious awards. He founded the Modus Design ceramics studio in 1976 in New York’s SoHo. After 40 years of artistic work in Israel, Brazil and the USA, he returned to Poland. Currently Modus Design is based in Kielce. In 2013, together with Polskie Fabryki Porcelany "Ćmielów" i "Chodzież" S.A., he established Ćmielów Design Studio under his artistic direction. The Studio's philosophy consists in the return to the idea of "artists in the industry" – cooperation of designers and production plants in creating new products.