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Aneta Śliwa, "Hypnagogia" - new exhibition in Lipowa 3 Gallery


When looking at the works by Aneta Śliwa, we have the impression that we are in the middle of some extraordinary vision, where human-like creatures are locked in glass pyramids, and ceramic snails in shells are placed on the plate. We see images which, through their structure and colour, remind us of distant, exotic landscapes. Or perhaps it is a vision of a volcanic eruption? Or maybe... the sea?

In her work, the Artist refers to the phenomenon that occurs when we fall asleep or wake up – to hypnagogic hallucinations. When our mind becomes suspended between dream and reality, visions are created that can either be realistic or entirely abstract. Thus in the works of Aneta Śliwa we may find both the forms directly referring to the nature and the world around us, and such artistic creations in which references to reality are barely noticeable.

The spring is almost there, and in the Lipowa 3 Gallery it is time for ‘the art of the young’. You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition of works by a sculptress and ceramic artist from Krakow, Aneta Śliwa.

Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition




Aneta Śliwa (born 1990) – graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She prepared her graduation work in the studio of Professor Bogusz Salwiński (2014), for which she received the distinction of the Krakow Society of Friends of Fine Arts. She is interested in ceramics, small sculptural forms and drawing. She has participated in numerous plain air painting workshops and exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


Aneta Śliwa - Hipnagogie