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Katarzyna Gemborys, "Shapes of Lights" - new exhibition in Lipowa 3 Gallery


In the common sense of the word, ‘jewellery’ means small objects with artistic expression, used to adorn a person’s body and outfit. Does the glass jewellery created by Katarzyna Gemborys follow this definition? The Artist describes her works as ‘jewellery objects’ – although they are beautiful, delicate, subtle, with their shape and size they dominate the body and attire. They cease to be just an ornament. The roles are changed – it is the body that becomes an addition to jewellery.

All works by Katarzyna Gemborys are created in the heat of a gas burner. This technique requires extensive knowledge, experience and – above all – patience. While working with the burner, the Artist uses only transparent glass rods. It would seem that in this way she builds her own barriers or limits herself. Nothing could be more wrong – clear glass is glass that has enormous power of expression. It is a guide for light that gently follows the path of glass strands, stroking smooth, glass lines ...

‘Shapes of Light’ is the first individual exhibition by Katarzyna Gemborys in Krakow. You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition at Lipowa 3.

Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition



Katarzyna Gemborys (born 1983) – graduate of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (she obtained her diploma at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, 2008). In 2016, she obtained the title of Doctor of Fine Arts in the field of design arts (doctoral dissertation entitled Biżuteria ekstremalna – szkło w relacji z ciałem: Extreme Jewellery – Glass in Relation to the Body). In her work, she uses a gas burner, in the fire of which she creates ‘jewellery objects’, furniture and pictures using clear glass. Currently, she has been appointed as an Assistant Lecturer at the Artistic Education Department at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.


Katarzyna Gemborys
obiekty biżuteryjne - proj. Katarzyna Gemborys