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Offer for schools

Primary, lower and upper secondary school students are all invited to Lipowa!

We offer:

- Participation in the demonstration of manual glass forming, together with a lecture on glass technology, given by a specialist in the field

- Guided tour of the Glass in Krakow. Industry and Art. 1931-1998 exhibition

- Artistic workshops (painting on glass, glass decoupage)

- Tours of temporary exhibitions, featuring contemporary glass and ceramics in the Lipowa 3 Gallery


We will discover together the fascinating process of glass forming.

We will enable the visitors to try their hand at a glassworker profession.

We will make the visitors acquainted with the history of one of the largest pre-war industrial plants in Krakow.

Please book the tickets for a specific date at 12 423 67 90 or send an e-mail to: rezerwacje@lipowa3.pl