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"Pulses. Roman Szlachetka ceramics" - new exhibition in Lipowa 3 Gallery


“For the first time in its exhibition history, the Lipowa 3 Gallery will present the works of an artist who is no longer among us. It is a big chal­lenge and responsibility. A huge emotional load must be injected into the exhibition’s setting and scheme; artistic achievements of a lifetime segregated, outfitted, chosen, some put aside ... In the case of Roman Szlachetka it’s a particu­larly difficult challenge, for he was an ambitious and hardworking artist. Creating for years at the factory in Ćmielów, he designed new styles and modernized old ones, striving to make the forms of individual elements convenient and useful, and keeping their high aesthetic value. At the same time, he created quite personal, poetic and sometimes nostalgic works - travel memo­ries, subtle views of nature, abstract sculptural compositions.

„Impulses” is not only an exhibi­tion in memoriam. It is above all an exhibition of ceramics and porcelain - fragile, delicate and de­manding, where the artistic sense must go hand in hand with the knowledge of the technology of its production. It is a story about passion, joy of creation, delight in the beauty of nature, and affection for loved ones.

The works of Roman Szlachetka, gathered mainly from family collec­tions, will be presented at the Glass and Ceram­ics Centre in Krakow’s Zabłocie District. We are very happy that it is here that the inhabitants of Krakow and tourists from around the world can get acquainted with the works of the „ceramics artist from Ćmielów”.”


Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition


Roman Szlachetka (1954-2012) - Born in 1954 in Kolbuszowa, he graduated from the National High School of Fine Arts in Jarosław, studied at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Wrocław, defending his diploma in 1980 - a ceramics designer, sculptor, painter, educator.

Roman Szlachetka
Roman Szlachetka - zestaw "Pułaski"