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"Pursuing Colour. Glass Art of Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz" - exhibition in Lipowa 3 Gallery


The exhibition „Pursuing Colour. Glass Art of Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz” is the outcome of the project on Polish 20th century design.

It is organized on the occassion of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of experimental production of artistic hand-formed glass at 3 Lipowa Street, the so-called „Cracovian glass” (manufactured between 1969 and 1998).


Vernissage of the exhibition: 04.10.2019
Curator of the exhibition: Aleksandra Skorek

Exhibition opened: 04.10.-30.12.2019
Monday- Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Organizers: ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network - Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, National Museum in Wrocław

Partners: Małopolska Region, Municipality of Krakow

Honorary patronage: Jacek Majchrowski, President of the City of Krakow

Media patronage: TVP KrakówRadio Krakówkrakow.plIn Your Pocket, Szkło i Ceramika


Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz (1924-2002) - one of the precursors of Polish post-war industrial design in the glass field. He worked, among others, at the Julia Crystal Glassworks in Piechowice (1953-1957), at the Nysa Lighting Glassworks in Pieńsk (1959-1964) and at the Tarnowiec Glassworks (1982-1992). In 1968 he transferred to the Glass Industry Research and Test Centre in Kraków (currently ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials), where he managed the Design Workshop, with breaks, until 1982. Creator of the famous „Cracovian glass”.

fot. Arkadiusz Podstawka/MNWr
fot. Arkadiusz Podstawka/MNWr