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COLOR EX-MACHINA - Stanisław Sobota in Lipowa 3 Gallery


Gentle, fragile, impermanent. Like a slender-stemmed glass, an elegant flower vase or a glass stone in a ring. Is that the only justified association that comes to our mind when thinking about glass? Strong, massive, sculptural. Glass solids. Cold formed, ground and polished, they are a field for studying the interaction between transparent matter and light. Works by Stanisław Sobota.

Smooth, cool surface contrasts here with a ragged, sharp structure. Glass in two forms, multi-layered, explored deep inside. Directions, angles, rhythms and tensions are analysed by the artist from the sculptor’s perspective. The shape, texture, illuminated, subdued colour only seemingly exude calm, hiding in themselves dynamics, expression and clarity. The artistic intuition and technological mastery of Stanisław Sobota allow us to discover different, often opposing faces of glass.

I would like to invite you to the exhibition by the Wroclaw artist and educator to the Lipowa 3 Gallery in Krakow.

Aleksandra Skorek, curator of the exhibition


STANISŁAW SOBOTA – a glass artist and designer, and an academic teacher. In 1991, he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Faculty of Ceramics and Glass). He graduated in 1996 under the supervision of Professor Zbigniew Horbowy. In the same year, Stanisław Sobota began his work as an assistant in the glass design studio of Professor Ludwik Kiczura. Currently, he runs a Workshop of Basics of Applied Glass. He presented his works at several individual exhibitions and several dozen group ones. His works can be found in museum collections in Poland and abroad.

The project is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow.
Stanisław Sobota - Geoline AD
Stanisław Sobota - Wodny ptak