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Whispers - Małgorzata Swolkień


Working with ceramic sculpture is not easy. It not only requires time and patience. But stubbornness and persistence when what is taken from the kiln is not exactly what was expected. And a great deal of technical knowledge, in order to exercise even a semblance of control over this capricious material.

Małgorzata Swolkień discovered ceramics in her fourth year at university. Since then, she has been totally committed to this discipline, devoting all her passion to it. She is a perfectionist – in order to attain the result she intends, she fires her sculptures from three to five times. Despite her intimate familiarity with the material in which she works, it is still able to take her by surprise.

The sculptures of Małgorzata Swolkień, although they are firmly rooted in the real world due to their simplified expressive form, radiate lyricism and a poetic sensibility. Their austere shapes are softened by the colours most loved by the artist. Sometimes delicate, subdued and subtle, at other times powerful and energetic.

I would like to welcome you to the Lipowa 3 Gallery for an exhibition of works by Małgorzata Swolkień – Tender Whispers and Nocturnal Encounters....

Aleksandra Skorek, exhibition curator

Małgorzata Swolkień

Graduated from Kraków's Academy of Fine Arts (gaining a degree from Prof. Marian Konieczny's studio at the Sculpture Department, 1975). Her oeuvre is mainly focused on the ceramic sculpture discipline. She has participated in over 80 exhibitions within and outside Poland. Her works are included in the collections of galleries and museums, as well as private collections in Germany, Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Canada and Australia.