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BISONFIGHT - Mariusz Dydo


Mariusz Dydo combines the attributes of an artist and businessman. His art displays a similar clash of opposites. It combines a classical notion of form and paradox with a tendency for playing with associations and icons from the world of art.  

His passion for creation, sense of humour and perfect mastery of a material as fragile as porcelain produces interesting and sometimes even surprising effects. Bison jumping over each other, a dog hatching from an egg – why not? Mariusz Dydo’s art does not set itself any boundaries.

“Bisonfight” is an exhibition presenting works created during the last few years as part of the Dydodecor project. The objective of this project, the artist’s private initiative, is to create a brand for small artworks produced in limited and unlimited editions signed with the Marius Dydo logo.

You are cordially invited to the Lipowa 3 Gallery!

Aleksandra Skorek, exhibition curator



Born in 1979 in Tarnów. Graduated from Kraków’s Academy of Fine Arts (Department of Sculpture, 2004). Involved in sculpture and painting. Apart from contract work for museums, public institutions and private employers, he is engaged in the creation of his own brand for sculpture executed in ceramic materials.