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Agnieszka Wojtuń - Stacja Zabłocie - photo exhibition


From the 17th of September 2013 the Glass and Ceramics Centre Lipowa 3 will show a photo exhibition of Agnieszka Wojtuń 'Stacja Zabłocie'. It is organized by Zona Art Foundation attached to Strefa A Gallery of Modern Art in Krakow.

'Stacja Zabłocie' is an artistic commentary on the current transformation of Zabłocie district. The characters in the photos are artists, who have changed the postindustrial spaces into their workshops, and also people for whom Zabłocie is a workplace. Connecting the project with this incredible place is an invitation to reflection on impermanence of the modern spaces where we live and with which we sometimes identify or through which we make an auto-definition (the subject of the urban anthropology and space, local identities). The next step of the project will be the release of album Stacja Zabłocie - a personal, photographic diary of the artist and at the same time a document showing people who are connected with this district or places which may soon stop existing.

Info about the author:

Agnieszka Wojtuń – an art and commercial photographer. As part of the activities of Green Carrot photo agency, which she has run since 2007, she also carries out commercial projects for brands – Polish and foreign, publishing houses. Her photos were shown in such publications as: And Men, Institute Magazine, Design Scene, Silesia, Pasaż Stylu, Trendy, Klif, Kariera, Teraz Rock, Weranda Lounge, Big City Life, Klimaty Krakowa.

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