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One defining characteristic of Katarzyna Harasym's work is its huge diversity. A diverse range of techniques (fusing , slumping , burners, pâte de verre), a wide variety of forms of expression (installations, sculptures, everyday glassware, jewellery). And her uninhibited imagination. It was this which suggested to the Artist to use period door glass from the People's Republic of Poland to create a line of contemporary glassware .

Sentimental glassware - plates, bowls, glasses, so much more than the recycling design that is so fashionable today. Its defining feature is the strength of the emotions and memories contained within the honey-coloured or colourless glass with distinctive diamond patterns or delicately etched floral compositions. As the Artist herself says : "Each item of glassware preserves the memories of people from different districts of Wrocław, thus creating an emotional map of my hometown." Her sentimental glassware is glassware with a past. Katarzyna Harasym, through her actions, creates an entirely new history for them.

You are warmly invited to attend an exhibition saturated in memories at the Gallery Lipowa 3.

                                                                                                                             Aleksandra Skorek, exhibition curator




Graduated from the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design (the Ceramics and Glass Department). She studied at the Fundació Centre del Vidre in Barcelona for two years, and was awarded the OFF Massana scholarship in the same city. In 2011, her glass installation "Descamació-Złuszczenia" (“Exfoliation”) was selected as one of the best works in the world during a competition run by The Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

She lives in Wroclaw, where she owns her own studio, “Przezroczysta”("Transparent"). She runs courses on fusing and burner techniques.