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ECCE HOMO - Stanisław Brach in Lipowa 3 Gallery


 The artistic work of Stanisław Brach may be described in a number of ways. One can talk about the form, full of austere expression, or about the space that the Artist takes over by using openwork pattern in his composition. One may mention the artist’s intuition concerning the material, or excellent mastery of the technique. But the works by Stanisław Brach are also a reflection of human fate. It is suffering emanating from the carved figures, resulting from opposing qualities of human nature. The Brach’s man is on the one hand strong, hard as a rock, and on the other fragile and delicate. Surrounded by his loved ones, sometimes even by the crowds – but is he always noticed?
The "Ecce Homo" exhibition is an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of one of the most important contemporary Polish artists. At the same time, the exhibition is launched at the new exposition space of Galeria Lipowa 3.

You are all cordially invited!

Aleksandra Skorek, exhibition curator



Born in 1972 in Gorlice. A graduate of Secondary Technical School of Ceramics in Łysa Góra and the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Sculpture, Prof. Marian Konieczny’s studio, 2000). In 2014, he was awarded a postdoctoral degree in arts at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. A winner of the Award of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011) and the creative scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2014).

An organizer of dozens of individual and collective exhibitions; a participant of a number of plein-air workshops and international competitions, e.g. in Italy and Japan. His works are included in the collections of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko (Museum of Contemporary Sculpture), the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza and in private collections.

He is a head of the Ceramics Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.